The reason.

I don’t give a stuff about fluffy little baa lambs – and I’m sure the feeling is reciprocated.

That said, as a mum, I have started feeling increasingly uncomfortable about the ethics of impregnating animals in order that humans can:
a) kill and eat (or use the skin of) their offspring or
b) drink the milk intended for said offspring or
c) rear the offspring to maturity in order that the cycle may be restarted.

Apart from the breathtaking exploitation of another living being, there is the small matter of inefficient land use – do we use land to grow crops for our protein requirements or do we use land to raise animals, kill them, and get our daily protein from the carcasses?

Which seems more viable over the long term?

To repeat – I don’t give a stuff about fluffy baa lambs – but I do give a stuff about the lack of ethics and logic involved in the killing of animals for food.


One year and counting…

OK, so I went “normal” over Christmas – but realised that I might just as well have stuck to my guns.

Also realised that the only person who made a big deal of me being vegan – was me. There was absolutely NOTHING stopping me just rolling up my sleeves and cooking my own Christmas dinner.

I felt liberated and depressed all at the same time – liberated because there was no-one’s permission I needed – and depressed for the same reason. There was no-one to blame if I fell off the wagon.

So, recipes, comments and feedback will, no doubt come flying my way!